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Culture Espresso

I started my New York cafe hunt at Culture Espresso in Manhattan. I already had my eye on this cafe, but was even happier to find it as a shelter from the rain that had been plaguing my NYC exploring all day.

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It was packed when I arrived, a mixture of people who actually meant to be there, and people that were just trying to get out of the rain. There were few seats available, so I loitered a bit, gazing at the two old-fashioned chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, and ordered my coffee while I waited for someone to leave.

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I ordered my soy latte and picked up a homemade poptart – cinnamon flavor – which was the greatest poptart I’ve ever had! It was flaky and full of real cinnamon inside and outside, not like the fake goo that is trapped inside of a store-bought poptart. The vibrant purple-pink of the blueberry flavored poptart was very intriguing, and reminded me of the bright pink donut from The Simpsons.

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I was very glad to find Culture in the midst of the cold New York weather, but I was also impressed by it’s hand-stamped coffee stamps and surreal-looking poptarts!

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72 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018


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