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Jacob’s Pickles


Jacob’s Pickles was one of my favorite spots on my NY trip. While they advertise “beer, biscuits, pickles, jams, and meats,” there are many unique southern dishes for any time of day. I went for brunch/lunch, and ordered southern style biscuits with eggs, while my friends had strawberry french toast and a BBQ pork sandwich. Each dish was filled with flavor and was heaped with ingredients.


The french toast was loaded with strawberries, the sandwich dripped juice and sauce, and the eggs oozed yolk all over the biscuits and gravy. Lunch was topped with a plate of fresh dill pickles, which are pickled on site.


The cocktail I ordered, “Jam Jar,” was definitely one of the best cocktails I had – gin, strawberry jam/juice, and lemonade, complete with floating strawberries in a mason jar.


The interior was very rustic, with chandeliers, brick walls, and long wooden tables filled with people at all times of the day.


The exterior of Jacob’s Pickles is very inviting and open. The restaurant was recommended by multiple friends, and I was definitely pleased with the food, drinks, and design. I wish I could have gone back here!

509 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024


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