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Coffee Lab

     The Coffee Lab is one of the many reasons why my work spoils me. Located in the cluster of buildings off Shorebird Way at Google, Coffee Lab is the first stop I make as soon as I arrive at work.

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Not only does it have the perfect cafe environment – some light chatter, the click-clack of keyboards, and the quick whir of the espresso bean grinders – it also serves delicious coffee and small pastries.

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The baristas, who are always friendly, make most coffee drinks that are found at any other coffee shop (only they are free!). I always bring my own mug and order a soy vanilla latte, which they top with a cute leaf design. There’s never much of a wait, and my latte is the perfect kick I need after my long, sleepy commute!

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The Coffee Lab always has an assortment of small pastries for a quick bite – scones, muffins, croissants, and my favorite cinnamon rolls (pictured above). In case you miss breakfast in the morning, these snacks and coffees will hold you over until lunch is served at noon!

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Working at Google has spoiled me to no end. Having fresh coffee made for me every morning in a cute , unique cafe, much like I would find in San Francisco, is one of my most valued work perks that I take advantage of on the daily.  Without Coffee Lab, I don’t know if I would function!

While not open to the public, if you ever spend a day as a visitor at Google, start your day right with a latte, mocha, or macchiato from Coffee Lab!

1345 Shorebird Way
Mountain View, CA 94043


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