Home, located on Noriega St., is a recently opened cafe in the heart of the Sunset. The cafe stays true to it’s name: the shape of the interior has slanted roofs like a house, and is quiet and homey. Home was a relaxing change to the usual bustle of an SF Sunday Brunch, and was inhabited by students studying on their laptops and friends enjoying their Sunday morning lattes. The benches had small throw pillows, the lighting was bright enough to concentrate on books, and the drink choices were endless, ranging from the “hangover” for your weekend morning cure, or a chocolate mint-latte for that natural sugar rush.

I decided to try the two things that I had heard about most from Home – their lavender latte and condensed milk toast.

I had never had a lavender latte before, but being obsessed with teas and herbal fragrances, ordered it with soy milk. The lavender taste was subtle, but the whole latte was very sweet, even with the soy milk to balance out the sugar. I enjoyed it and would definitely order it again, but I would not recommend it for die-hard coffee drinkers who take their coffee black.

The condensed milk toast, which was torched on top like a creme brûlée, was also very sweet. I would recommend it more as a dessert than a breakfast/brunch, because the sweetness of the lavender latte and condensed milk toast was a bit too much for my salt-craving tastebuds. For people that have a sweet tooth, Home will definitely satisfy the cravings!

My friend opted for a more savory toast, which occupied 3 out of 5 toast options on their menu. Among the sweet toasts (cinnamon sugar and condensed milk), they had a tomato pesto with fried egg toast, meatball with fried egg toast, and toast with the egg inside of it.

All toasts were full of flavor, and they offered a variety of choices to satisfy any point on the sweet to savory spectrum!

Home offers a cozy and calm study spot or relaxing coffee break, and was perfect for a peaceful Sunday morning brunch.

1222 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122