Ritual Coffee, located on Valencia in the Mission, was a more modern style cafe than the cafes I usually visit. The interior was sleek and clean with lots of open space. There were plenty of table tops where you could chat with friends or study, and counters along the sides and outside of the cafe for quick coffee breaks.

The entire cafe was very lit up, with an intricate lighting system hanging from the center of the room.

The espresso machines and coffee bar were minimalist, sticking to the contemporary design of Ritual Coffee, but were lustrous and chic all the same.

Ritual Coffee serves strictly coffee, but offers a wide range of espresso drinks and monogrammed goodies.

I ordered a cold brew – a drink that is usually too bitter for my taste – but at Ritual, it had the perfect rich coffee taste without the sharp tinge of straight espresso.

Ritual is a local favorite and is always inhabited by people getting a quick drink or the occasional tourist, intrigued by their giant logo. It’s the perfect place to grab a cold brew to-go on a hot Dolores Park day!

1026 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110