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Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar

Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar, located off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley, functions as a cafe by day and wine bar by evening. The coffee comes from Heart coffee, and there is a full menu where visitors can enjoy full breakfasts, various toast creations, as well as sandwiches and salads for lunch time customers.

The cafe itself is small, more of a narrow hallway with inside bar seating and outside table seating, but all the food and coffee is prepped in house by the few baristas behind the counter. The exterior of the cafe is enclosed by a rustic brick wall adorned with small globe lights.

Being the avocado toast addict that I am, I of course ordered the standard avocado toast with olive oil egg.

The toast was thick and crunchy, which made it a bit difficult to cut or bite into, but the heaps of avocado softened the bite, and the soft-boiled olive oil egg perfectly complimented this savory early morning dish.

My friend ordered the avocado toast with prosciutto – which, while a tad on the salty side, completely won me over.

I love anything prosciutto – and this avo-toast with prosciutto made getting up early on a Saturday morning completely worth it!

If Bartavelle’s breakfast is this good, I’m intrigued to try their lunch menu or a glass of wine!

1603 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702


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