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Outerlands is the not-so-hidden gem of the Sunset District in San Francisco. With brunch lines wrapping around the building up to an hour long wait, it’s hard to miss this rustic hotspot on the corner of 45th and Judah.

The wait is definitely worth it – Outerlands recently remodeled and expanded their restaurant, allowing for more space for brunching. The walls are lined floor to ceiling (including the ceiling!) with paneled wood, each panel unique in its own way, impressed with scratches and moss lining its creases.

Outerlands, besides its gourmet brunch menu, also offers morning cocktails and a full dinner menu. The menu ranges from small plates to full entrees, and are perfect for sharing amongst family and friends.

I ordered the ‘eggs-in-jail,’ and my friend got the ‘blt.’

The ‘eggs-in-jail’ was comprised with a thick slice of their in-house sourdough bread, the ‘levain toast,’ an over-easy egg in a hole, ‘jailed’ with two crisp strips of bacon, and topped with arugula.

Above is the ‘blt,’ a slice of their levain toast, bacon, fried green tomatoes, and a sunny-side-up egg. Fried green tomatoes are not a very common ingredient, but it definitely gave the BLT an tasteful twist, adding extra crunch to the already thick bread and strips of bacon.

The atmosphere was very light and friendly, and the service was impeccable. Next time I visit Outerlands, I am looking forward to trying a sweet dish, such as the Dutch pancakes or their house-made jam, or one of their cocktails, such as this delicious Bloody Mary (pictured below)!

4001 Judah St
San Francisco, CA 94122


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