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Boba Guys

 Being the giant boba fiend that I am, BOBA GUYS was always a top priority of places to try.

With only two locations in San Francisco, it’s no wonder the stores are always packed, with a long line consistently wrapped around the building. Boba is great for any time of day, but when it’s a sunny day at Dolores Park, the lines are guaranteed to double in length.

I went with the classic Thai Iced Tea (my favorite), and my friend ordered the Milk Coffee. Both flavors were rich and creamy, made with firm, plump boba and sweet condensed milk. They offer many choices of teas and fruity drinks, and let the customer choose the type of milk and sweetness level. Being lactose intolerant, any drink place which offers milk substitutes – and still manages to make them taste good – is a win for me!

In a city filled with hot boba spots like T-Pumps and Quickly, it’s hard to differentiate between boba textures and drink flavors. BOBA GUYS definitely won me over, however, because of the perfection of their balls, the sweetness levels of their drinks, and their options of flavors and milks!

3491 19th St
San Francisco CA

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