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One hour waits are no longer a surprise for San Francisco eateries – especially for Sunday brunch. However, upon arrival at Plow in the Dogpatch, we were told the wait time was two hours. Starving and defeated, we put our name on a list for another restaurant and walked down the street for cold brew at Front Coffee + Cafe.

Coffee in hand, we walked back to our car and poked our heads in just to check the wait again, for good measure.

“2 people? I can seat you right away,” the hostess replied.

Stunned and ecstatic, we took the table and sat down outside.

“Too many people put their names on the list and never show up, so I’m done dealing with them,” she explained.

That was fine for us! What normally would’ve been a two and a half hour wait at this popular restaurant became a stroke of sheer luck for us. We ordered ‘The Plow’ and the Fried Egg Sandwich, enjoying the warm summer breeze in the shade.

The Plow came with two eggs, a choice of meat (bacon vs sausage), potatoes, and lemon ricotta pancakes. However, the Pumpkin Pancakes caught my eye on the menu, so I substituted those for the lemon ricotta pancakes.

The pancakes were cinnamon-y and sweet, while the eggs were cooked to perfection along with the crunchy potatoes and the chicken apple sausage.

The Fried Egg Sandwich, in which avocado and bacon could be added, came with fluffy buns from Acme Bread and a hearty portion of eggs, covered with melted cheese and aioli.

Both meals were the perfect Sunday brunch choices, and everything was flavorful and evenly portioned.

I would definitely recommend Plow, but be prepared for a long wait!

1299 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94107


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