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On a recent day trip to Santa Cruz, I stopped by Verve Coffee Roasters on downtown Pacific Ave for a quick caffeine fix before heading to the beach. Although I’ve been here multiple times, I never took a second to snap a few photos.

The decor features mostly rustic, antique-looking wood, ranging from the shelves and counters to the tables and seats outside. It is very well lit, with small string globe lights, and various products and espresso beans are sold around the shop.

The cafe also offers pastries and the usual coffee drinks. Since my visit was very brief, I had my coffee to go and wasn’t able to snack or sip.

Verve Coffee is sold and brewed in many stores and cafes around the Bay Area. I hope, next time, that I can relax and enjoy everything that Verve has to offer!

1540 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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