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Hot and hangry, a couple friends and I stepped into this modern looking Italian restaurant for a late lunch and relief from the heat.

The place was packed with people of all ages enjoying pizzas, salads, pastas and cold drinks. At the bar sat the Lulu Lemon clad girls group, sipping cocktails on this sunny Saturday afternoon.

Delarosa is open all day, and can be enjoyed all day (and late into the night!). Their pizzas were filling but not too heavy, and their drinks were refreshing but still held a noticeable amount of alcohol content. Since Delarosa is on the packed main street of The Marina, it may be hard to find a seat in the evening. However, if you can, it’s definitely worth it!

Feeling a bit cheeky, I ordered a gin cocktail (it was 5 o’clock somewhere…) and a pizza to share.

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The appetizers, which came with many choices, were all flavorful and had large portions. We ordered the meatballs as well as the garlic bread. The breads were soft and warm, while the meatball was…meaty… and filling.

The pizza was my favorite part. As soon as I saw “Proscuitto” and “Arugula” on the menu, I knew I came to the right place!

The dough was thin but fluffy, and the proscuitto was plentiful atop the mozarella cheese – which was a pleasant surprise, seeing as most places will only serve the bare minimum of this pricier meat. The arugula offset the saltiness from the sauce and the meat perfectly, and overall created a well balanced, savory but light pizza.

Most Italian places tend to blend together, but Delarosa definitely stood out as affordable, tasty, and generous with their ingredients. The share-plates and community atmosphere of the restaurant also made the meal more enjoyable and interactive with the people I came with!

2175 Chestnut St
San Francisco, CA 94123


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