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Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House

After an unanticipated detour, what was supposed to be an afternoon of browsing and flea marketing turned into a happy hour oyster fest at Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House. Not that I’m complaining…

While these oysters weren’t top shelf by any means, $1.50 per shell is hard to beat! The oysters, which were plentiful, were salty and delicious, with a selection of mostly plump and meaty oysters on the shell.

Along with the oysters, we each ordered a plate of raw tuna tacos, which came covered in a mayonnaise based sauce and stuffed into crunchy taco shells.

Although the menu contains many other items usually found at a fish house, as well as a full brunch menu, we were pleased with the happy hour selection and prices, including the cocktails and other small bites.

The interior was classy and neat, with a full wall of liquors and refreshments, and the ready-to-be-shucked oysters on display.

Further into the restaurant is a black and white mural, designed as a sketch of the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland and the rest of East Bay.

The City’s intricate buildings and the waves across the peninsula were carefully etched into this large piece of artwork, and it definitely gave the restaurant a more modern and authentic feel.

Complete with outdoor seating, the restaurant looks out onto the harbor and is on the main strip of Jack London Square. While it was quiet on a Sunday afternoon, the square gets very lively during weekends and night time hours!

336 Water St
Oakland, CA 94607


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