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Hearth Coffee

Hearth Coffee Roasters, similar to Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar in Berkeley, is a cafe by day, wine bar by night. Tucked into a small entrance on Market and 17th in the Castro, Hearth offers fresh baked goodies, rich coffees, and a variety of wines in a homey and warm environment.

The interior is simple and modern, with small string lights and tiny plants scattered across the clean interior.

Their food menu is limited, but they serve full dishes throughout the day that pair with wines in the evening and coffee during the day. Their baked goods, which are neatly lined up in a window by the register, range from savory to sweet, meaty to dessert-y, and are unique to the classic cafes in the area.

Above is the Wild Boar Danish, with a buttery flaky exterior and cheesy interior. With Wild Boar and Manchengo Cheese, this Danish is a savory alternative to the average pastry dish.

Hearth has a multitude of simple pastries as well, like the Ginger Scone, which had the perfect amount of sweetness to calm the gingery bites of this scone.

The scones and other sweet pastries, like the Pain Au Mocha, Strawberry Cream Twist, and variety of croissants, go perfectly with a hot latte or sip of cold brew.

The artisanal pastries are mainly what set Hearth apart from other cafés. I hope to try the Proscuitto Croissant or Strawberry Cream Twist next time I go!

3985 17th St
San Francisco, CA 94114


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