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Homeroom – because what’s better than a restaurant dedicated to gourmet Mac & Cheese?!


Located in Oakland on 40th Street, Homeroom and Homeroom-To-Go are known for their giant portions of cheesy goodness, ranging from Classic Mac & Cheese to Gilroy Garlic Mac & Cheese, Smoky Bacon, and even Sriracha Mac & Cheese. There are also a multitude of toppings you can add to your noodles, as well as side dishes, vegetables, juices and beers.

Homeroom also offers the option of baking your Mac & Cheese with breadcrumbs, adding a flaky finish to the hot, cheesy pot of noodles!

The actual Homeroom restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, a small bar counter, and community style seating.

The decor resembles that of a classroom, with chalkboards and school-like shelves and colors, complete with Crayola crayons and alphabet charts.

It was definitely worth the trek from San Francisco for this midday meal, and the large portions allowed us all to have leftovers, which tasted just as good heated up. Homeroom is a must for all Mac & Cheese lovers, and if you’re in a rush, Homeroom-To-Go is just around the corner!

400 40th St
Oakland, CA 94609


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