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Hops & Hominy

Tucked into a hidden alley by Sutter and Post near Union Square, Hops & Hominy, while $$, is one of the best stops for dinner/small plates and drinks that I’ve had so far in the city.

The cuisine is Southern style, but classy – cheese plates and charcuterie plates can be paired with wines and beers, and light salads can be ordered with entrees such as Fried Chicken or Risotto.

Keeping to the small plates, we ordered the cheese plate and the roasted sweet potatoes, accidentally receiving a complimentary cornbread.

The cheese plate featured three different kinds of cheese, candied pecans, sweet pickled onions, pears, figs, and buttery breads that were toasted to perfection. The cheese was impeccable and went perfectly with the small sides, my favorite being the candied pecans and the figs.

The roasted sweet potatoes, which came with baby kale, prosciutto, and drizzled in a sweet sauce, were the highlight of the evening. My love for proscuitto knows no bounds, and was definitely satisfied with this dish. The saltiness from the proscuitto went perfectly with the sweet, soft potatoes and the sauce moat on the plate.

The cornbread, which was hot from coming right out of the oven, was fluffy and airy, better than any cornbread I’ve had. The butter was creamy and sweet when spread onto the bread, a subtle hint of Southern comfort in our otherwise classier meal (pinky up!).

The restaurant itself, which had multiple levels, outdoor seating, and even a detached room with further seating, was packed with couples and professionals of various ages. With quirky designs and sleek, wooden tabletops, the restaurant and bar gave off a homey yet lively vibe, perfect for a date or dinner and drinks with friends.

My date and I were very impressed with the food, the atmosphere, and the decor. The exposed brick is always something we obsess over, and it fit well with the rest of the place! This will definitely be a place I recommend to people, and I hope to come back soon for more beer and delicious food!


1 Tillman Pl
San Francisco, CA 94108


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