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Reveille Coffee

With two locations conveniently in the Castro and the heart of North Beach, Reveille Coffee caught my eye because of its photogenic avocado toast and cute tiled designs.

The Castro location can easily be missed when walking down 18th Street since it is covered in vines and nestled into a block of residential buildings.

The interior is designed into somewhat of a wooden den, with low, slanted walls and cozy work spaces.

The tiled counters and barista station create a modern feel to the cabin-y vibe of the rest of the cafe.

The avocado toast scored highly in the photogenic department, but did not stand out as being unique or notably tasty. While it was fresh and made a great light snack, the avocado toast did not have much flavor – it was drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper, but it did not have a unique flavor or mash of different ingredients like Jane’s avocado toast. If you like simple, straightforward flavors, the avocado toast here is perfect!

The coffee was also delicious, and although the avocado toast did not completely win me over (Jane’s is hard to beat!) I would still recommend Reveille as a cute spot and a good stop for coffee and snacks!

4076 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94114


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