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On my trip to Portland, I had one place that I HAD to go to. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, while it is served in many cafes and sold in grocery stores, doesn’t actually have it’s own cafe in San Francisco. As this is my favorite coffee brewer, it is deeply saddening that I can’t visit one near me!

There are multiple locations in its hometown of Portland, but I went to the Division St location, which was as charming as I had imagined, with exposed red brick, soft lights, and wintery green wreaths for the holiday season. The interior seemed part coffee roasting shop, part garage, with a large area for tables and a wide open glass garage door facing the outside.

The coffee itself is perfect – it’s creamy without milk, not overly bitter, and has slight fudge tones. Their classic espresso bean is the “Hair Bender,” which even made at home is flawless.

They also sell Cold Brew in cute bins, and these are easy to take on the go or even opened up at the cafe. Cold Brew, which can often be too bitter to be enjoyable, is made perfectly at Stumptown, not too bitter and with the right amount of kick. These Cold Brew bottles are sold at other cafes and stores, and I even spotted some at Target the other day!

Stumptown is great because they offer items that will please everyone – not only do they have the classic lattes, cappucinos, coffees, etc. from the coffee bar, but the simple to-go cold brews, nitro cold brews, and chocolate versions make it easy for even the busiest people to still enjoy Stumptown. Their large selection of coffee beans are also sold in many grocery stores throughout the West Coast, so you can never run out!

Although I wish I lived closer to a Stumptown Cafe, I’m glad that I can still enjoy Stumptown Coffee at places like Jane and I can still buy their beans by the bag!

With locations in Portland, Seattle, LA, and New York, I’m hoping that San Francisco will be next to open up a shop! It’ll definitely become my second home!

4525 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97206


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