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Cup & Bar 

While I am partial to Stumptown Coffee, Cup & Bar, a spacious, hip cafe in Portland, was a cute stop for a quick coffee in the cold weather.

As I didn’t spend too much time here, I unfortunately don’t have much to say — the inside of the cafe was a large, open space, with smaller tables and a larger community table for people working on their laptops. Cup & Bar offers a full menu of breakfast items, pastries, and avocado toast, which although I didn’t eat, looked very tasty when served to a couple next to me.

The cafe is a combination of a coffee and chocolate tasting room, with coffee and chocolate tours, where you can learn the process of chocolate making and have a chocolate drink at the end.

The coffee was delicious, and they offer all coffee and tea drinks, all processed in the back of the building. They sell their coffee beans as well as chocolate, which is hard to pass up!

118 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97232


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