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Lardo offers exactly what you think it would offer… juicy, heavy foods. Keeping up with their slogan “Bringing Fatback,” Lardo serves sandwiches, fries, and other greasy foods that give Portlanders the opportunity to “Pig Out.”

Lardo’s pride is their flavorful, stuffed sandwiches – which they are not wrong for being proud of. Aside from their impressive selection of cocktails and beers (it is Portland, after all), their sandwich menu has all kinds of flavors from different cultures around the world, such as the Roasted Chicken Gyro, Egg Rickmuffin, and Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich, to a few Asian twists such as the Pho’rench Dip and Pork Meatball Banh Mi. While the variety of flavors and ingredients is sure to make your mouth water, the sandwiches themselves may be too much for some to handle.

I ordered the Korean Pork Shoulder – a french bread stuffed with kim chi, chili mayo, cilantro, lime, and tender chunks of pork shoulder. Of course, my mouth was already watering as I was reading this menu, and I may have drooled as I was saying my order to the cashier. However, when I got the sandwich, which looks beautiful, I was struggling to finish even half.

The sandwich was AMAZING – for a few bites. Then the spiciness hit (and I love spicy so I’m usually not this wimpy), and the grease hit, and soon I was mopping up the dripping oil around my plate. The sandwich was exactly how I expected – extremely flavorful – and what I loved was that you could pick out the individual ingredients so easily, yet everything went together so well. However, for someone who is easily turned off by grease, I wasn’t having it. I couldn’t imagine also consuming a bucket of fries like the family next to me after I was already drowning in a vat of oil.

I ate what I could and tossed the rest, already craving a salad with every shade of green. The sandwich was good, don’t get me wrong, but unless you like heavy foods with heavy ingredients and a heavy stomach, this place isn’t for you. It would even be OK if you split a sandwich and a salad, or ate half and half throughout the day, but be prepared to consume a lot of grease if you eat an entire one of these lardos from Lardo.

1205 SW Washington St
Portland, OR 97205    


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