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Kaffe 1668

Kaffe 1668, in New York City, is a small coffee shop near the World Trade Center Memorial. Their espresso beans come from all over the world, and they make every kind of coffee drink imaginable. The interior of the cafe had a very interesting twist… Read More

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Pushcart Coffee

Pushcart Coffee, which has two locations in NYC, is a neat coffee shop with a simple, modern design. The cafe, surrounded by large windows and housed in a wide, open space, has small lightbulbs twinkling from the ceiling and polished white tile walls that create… Read More

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Culture Espresso

I started my New York cafe hunt at Culture Espresso in Manhattan. I already had my eye on this cafe, but was even happier to find it as a shelter from the rain that had been plaguing my NYC exploring all day. It was packed… Read More